My Maker Select Plus Upgrades and Mods

These are the upgrades and mods that I’ve done to my Maker Select Plus with some useful information about them. I’ll continue to update this as I do more.

These are listed in no particular order.

Y Carriage Plate

An aluminium Y carriage plate wont warp as much as the stock stamped steel one and it’s lighter to boot! It’ll improve quality be reducing the weight of the build plate and help to keep the bed level.

Glass Bed and PEI Sheet

Borosilicate glass is pretty much guaranteed to be smooth and flat. It will get rid of many bed leveling issues.

PLA sticks like glue to PEI, so it works really well applied to the top of the glass.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass

ADVi3++ Firmware

Installing the ADVi3++ firmware will allow you to tweak many more settings in the printer.

Hardened Nozzle

A hardened nozzle will let you print with abrasive materials without having to worry. I have the Micro-Swiss kit, so I got their nozzle too.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass


A Z-Brace can improve quality by add more rigidity, which can also help to print faster. I went with the Gulfcoast Robotics kit. It’s nice, simple, and strong.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass

Y Belt Tensioner

Replacing the spring belt tensioner with one that is not flexible can improve print quality by reducing ghosting. The momentum of the bed could lead to the spring tensioner flexing.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass


The DiiiCooler is an upgraded print cooling solution. With it, you can increase quality/speed and bridge better. The downside is that it’s a bit harder to see the nozzle.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass

Here’s the blower fan that I used.

At first the fan didn’t work. Apparently the fan header on this fan is backwards. It is possible to pull the pins out and reverse it, but it’s a big pain. I destroyed the connector on one of the fans I got in the process.

Printing this in PLA is doable, but it’ll warp due to the heat, which leads into the next upgrade to print in PETG.

All Metal Hotend

An all metal hotend will let you print at higher temperatures. I used the Microswiss All Metal Hotend Kit. You’ll want to use this for printing the DiiiCooler with PETG so it doesn’t melt.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass

There’s a PTFE tube in the default hotend that will breakdown at the temperatures required to print PETG.

Note that normal nozzles will no longer work with this upgrade. If you want/need another nozzle, make sure it’s from the kit’s manufacturer or listed as compatible.

You’ll want to do a PID tune to adjust how the printer maintains a consistent temperature.

Better Cooling Fan

I bought a Noctua 40mm Fan from Amazon to replace the stock cooling fan. My fan was making grinding noises and having issues running at full speed. Most 40mm fans will be 12 volts, but this fan includes a silencing kit. It ends up running around 16 volts while still being quieter than the stock fan.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass


OctoPrint is a web application that you can use to control and print remotely.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass

OctoPrintPlugin can be used to print to OctoPrint using Cura. I use this Docker image for running OctoPrint.

Spool Holder + Filament Guide

You can use the The Universal Spool Holder and a Filament Guide to take some weight off of the gantry. It can also help if you have a spool with snagging issues.

Gulfcoast Robotics Glass
Gulfcoast Robotics Glass
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