Technical Skills

CategoryProficiency in approximate descending order
LanguagesJava, PHP, Type/JavaScript, SQL
Cloud (AWS)EC2, ECS, RDS, CloudFormation, S3, Route53, SQS, Kinesis, API Gateway, AWS Batch, DynamoDB
Other TechnologiesSpring Boot, jOOQ, Hibernate, Maven, Gradle, Flyway, RegEx
Data StoragePostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Kinesis, Solr
ToolsGit, IntelliJ, Docker


Talroo (Formerly Jobs2Careers)

Senior Software Engineer
August 2019 – Present
Austin, TX

Software Engineer
April 2017 – August 2019
Austin, TX

  • Deep dive into existing products to develop a strong understanding
  • Identify architecture problems, design flaws, and bugs using the synthesized knowledge
  • Make core architecture and design decisions such as domain data modeling, application of design patterns, and design using 3rd party components
  • Work within an Agile environment to develop and extend products which align with business needs
  • Work with DevOps to create high-quality build, test, and deployment pipelines using Azure DevOps and CloudFormation
  • Lead team to develop a REST API for existing core product to enable the creation of modern, user-friendly interfaces
  • Lead team to develop a microservice for storing ad content using Java and PostgreSQL to solve existing data integrity issues and provide a reliable data stream using Kinesis to stream content into Solr for searching
  • Identified and fixed design flaws in the budget system that were leading to significant lost revenue

Geeks and Nerds (GaN)

Software Engineer
September 2014 – October 2016
Huntsville, AL

  • Developed high quality and well-documented software independently and with small teams using agile development methodologies
  • Developed RAGE, a web-based content management system using Spring Boot and Angular for the Redstone Test Center (RTC)
  • Added Active Directory authentication with smart cards, strict security controls, and flexible metadata collection to RAGE
  • Configured continuous integration and deployment with GitLab CI and automated code analysis with SonarQube
  • Provided customer support, bug fixes, and new features for CabuzTime, a timekeeping web application using Java and JSP
  • Automated the billing and registration processes for CabuzTime using Stripe
  • Created a web application for displaying solar panel stats using Spring Boot, Angular, and D3
  • Developed RegEx and backend for Acronytor, a Visual Basic application for building acronym lists from Microsoft Word documents
  • Worked with senior software engineers to provide bug fixes and new features for an aviation testing system in C++ with Qt for RTC

Mentor Graphics

Intern Software Engineer
January 2013 – August 2013
Huntsville, AL

  • Worked within a Scrum-based engineering team focused on testing an in-house Java web framework
  • Developed unit, integration, and performance tests for the framework
  • Responsible for writing internal documentation and monitoring of automated test results

Alabama A&M University

Contract Developer
June 2011 – August 2011
Huntsville, AL

  • Created Water Wheels, a video game using the Unreal Development Kit that is part of a mobile lab focused on teaching water conservation to children
  • Created an Arduino-powered audio-visual demonstration that syncs audio and visual cues to demonstrate a rain-capture system

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Student Researcher
June 2011 – August 2011
Huntsville, AL

  • Created a proof-of-concept library in C++ to confirm that the Unreal Development Kit could be used as a visualization tool for a Matlab simulation under development by other students


University of Alabama in Huntsville

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering
December 2014

References are available upon request.