Managing multiple AWS Consoles with JumpCloud and Firefox

November 8th, 2019

This article will explain how I setup Firefox to open multiple AWS Consoles in Firefox Container tabs from JumpCloud seamlessly. No having to right-click a link and selecting a container. Just a normal left click.

This should work with other SSO sites as long as the URL contains something to identify the account.

You’ll need Firefox with Multi-Account Containers and Containerise installed.

Containerise lets you automatically open websites in dedicated containers with more advanced rules than Multi-Account Containers allows. This can be used to match a specific URL during the sign in process to redirect to a container tab.

Grab the URL for one of your application links.

JumpCloud AWS Example

Here’s what one of mine looks like:


Put this into Containerise and save. Click the Containerise icon in the toolbar then click the pencil to edit the config manually. It’s a simple CSV format.

sso.jumpcloud.com/saml2/aws-dev , AWS Dev

Now when you click the link, it should automatically open in a container.

You will need to sign in again, but that’s only needed the first time. You can a password manager like use bitwarden to speed that part up.